H-1065 Budapest, Hajós u. 24.
Tel.: +36 1 301 9030, Fax: +36 1 301 9031



Spend some days during Winter in our hotel and discover our city, enjoy the snowy Budapest!

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Stay minimum 3 nights and get a free transfer from the Airport from February until April.

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We are happy to provide complimentary home made mulled wine to every hotel guest.

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First of all I would like to welcome every visitor to our website.

The purpose of this blog is to give you a forum to get us known even better. Our goal is to reach the 100% guest satisfaction and we belive that with countinuous improvement it is possible. From the first day we opened we are focusing on to make our guests feel at home in our hotel as much as they feel at home in our city Budapest. We love Budapest and our country and we want to share the unique experience that this city can give you through our services.

Among other things innovation is one of the most important in every hotel’s life, even if it is as young as ours. This is one of the many reasons we are always looking forward into the future to find out what can make your stay even more comfortable let it be on a snowy winter evening or on a sultry summer afternoon. We are proud that these projects seem to be liked by our clients which is highly proved by our excellent place at Tripadvisor and at other famous booking - sites.

This new blog is not our first step to reach you. As you might notice keeping in touch with you is important for us from the very first e-mail or phone call we make until the last day of your stay. This blog allows us to hear from you and build a community after you left the hotel, to share the experiences with us and with those who has not yet arrived.

We are more than delighted that you have decided to visit us, and we will do everything to give you valuable experience and to bring our hotel and this city closer to your heart.

Best Regards,
Gabor Faska
General Manager