Either as a refection during the day, or in case of muscle pain, head or backpain, at the end of an exhausting working day or sightseeing, a comforting touch has really favourable effect on your body.

The highly qualified team of Massage Minute Service is ready to give you a professional massage to ease the tension in your body.

For more details ask your receptionist, and within 1,5 hour you can enjoy a refreshing massage.

Types of massages you can choose from without the resortion of completeness

Stress reducing massage

We are exposed to stress day by day in the street, at work, in the car and even at home. Our body cannot regenerate and relax due to our accelerated lifestyle. As a result of this, sleeping disorders, headache, stiff muscles and weakness make the other activities of the day much harder to do. The relaxation of the whole body will result in real regeneration! From the reflex zone of the sole, through the muscles of the body, up to the hair-bulbs of the head our clients will get to a relaxing, recreating and meditative condition in the whole body.

Refreshing - Regenerating Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is one of the most well-known massages in the Western world. The Swedish massage moderates both physical and emotional problems. It also helps establish and maintain a good general condition and, at the same time, has healing effects: eases the swollen feet and limb-, waist-, neck-, shoulder- and headache!

Sport massage

Sport massage is one of the most intensive massages. This type of massage highly increases blood circulation in the muscles and the elimination of accumulated poisonous materials. Sport massage is recommended for those who suffer from muscular strain or are just before some sport activity.

Foot massage

Through foot massage we can make an effect on the whole body. The pleasant feeling that the foot massage gives You has a calming effect, and thanks to the stimulation of the reflex zones on the soles, we can make a positive impact on the body organs and therefore can favourably influence digestion, secretion and metabolism.

Manager programme

Meetings, decision-making stress have become a lifestyle for many of us. We offer You a great opportunity to enable Your body to regenerate faster and get ready, both physically and emotionally, for new challenges. In our manager program we treat the whole body with relaxing-massaging-energizing technique. The tense body parts will be relaxed, the weak muscles will be energized and, with the help of reflexology and Reiki, the whole body will be filled up with new energy.